Visual Effects & Motion Graphics
Motion graphics are used to enrich your projects by adding visual effects and sound to enhance the appeal of your product or service. Used in conjunction with a Mediaks designed website it can be a powerful tool for delivering your brand statement or product to a wider audience in a memorable way.

•Video Commercials & Informational DVD's
Advertising your products using traditional video commercials and informational DVD's allow for consumers to have a better understanding of your products and services, and add substantial value due to wide audience appeal.

•Flash Animation
Used properly within a website, Flash Animation can enhance the appearance of products and services.

•Opening Title Graphics
Television opening title sequences, introductory video's for special events, or Flash website intro's are just a few ways motion graphics are used today.

•Web Video Presentations:
Viral Video's can create a bigger buzz for products and events. The Mediaks Team can create presentations to highlight your products and services.
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