Digital Colouring
Mediaks artists can create compelling backgrounds, interesting characters, dyanmic mechanical designs, and fantastic worlds for use in any number of visual presentations. From concept to final renderings, Mediaks designers give every project that unique look that our clients are looking for.

Colours change the impact of any image. Brilliant striking colours create a sence of realisim in an otherwise flat image. Mediaks Digital Solutions specializes in bringing images to life.
•Simple Pencil Designs
Creating new designs always start with rough pencils. These give the basic impression of what the final design will look like

•Flat Digital Colors

To gain an impression of the basic colour scheme for the rendered designs. Flat colours are used to hash out which colours will work best with the designs.
•Final Inked Designs
When designs have been finalized with the client, a fully inked or digitally inked concept is produced to give the image a sharp more complete look.

•Full Rendered Designs

A final render is completed with graphic effects which create the illusion of dimention in the designs. This artwork is now suitable for use on packaging, posters, covers, and presentations.
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